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Mrs. KasperAP Literature10 February 2014Knowing yourself is the beginning of all sapience, urged Aristotle. information contains many qualities that be valuable to have. These qualities are experience, knowledge, and good judgment. These traits and abilities are meaty in insight and under nominateing that attri just nowe to an effective person. Wisdom is a virtue that develops as one is able to learn from experiences and mistakes. However, the wisdom that Aristotle believed in went beyond the average wisdom of being able to understand concepts or have insight different from others. The wisdom Aristotle believed in was practical wisdom. serviceable wisdom is the ability to do the skillful thing, at the right time, for the right intent. According to Aristotle, this virtue is what makes all the other virtues a possibility. It is practical wisdom that gives one the ability to change ones flaws because it is a lineament that is bound with achieve and reason. It is the ability to ha ve the information and apply it correctly. along with the ability of understanding others, likewise comes self- alertness, and with the ability to apply action, one squirt develop and change for the better. In the novel, Pride and Prejudice, by Jane Austen, Charlotte Lucas possesses limited self-awareness she is aware of the consequences that can come from her choices, but doesnt choose to apply action for her own self-contentment. Mr. Bennet is also aware at times of his behavior, which is intelligible through his intelligence and wit, but doesnt choose to take action, consequently lacking practical wisdom. Through the various conversations and narrations, Austen takes a resolute stand about the need for men to non only understand others, but to know oneself enough to turn we... ...ove his lack of responsible action, and Charlotte Lucass inability to take action on achieving contentment, serve as character foils to Elizabeth, informatory her ability to evaluate her mistakes and take action for the better good. Bennet discharged his chance to change not because he couldnt, but because he did not want to. Although he was an intelligent man, it does no good to be saucy if one cannot apply intelligence towards self-awareness and towards applying action in turning foibles into strengths Charlotte, also an intelligent character, failed to apply a balance of reasoning and action in her decision, sacrificing a lifetime of happiness for comfort and economic stability. Therein lies the shelter of Jane Austens Pride and Prejudice It emphasizes that in life, self-awareness is nothing, unless action and reasoning are used in every opportunity to change.

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