Saturday, February 9, 2019

After Apple Picking :: After Apple Picking

  after Apple Picking          Throwing all sexual connotations aside, After Apple Picking is about a dying man who is broody the accomplishments in his life, and contemplating on the opportunities that he has let pass by. As our cashier drowses off into his final sleep, he is tired of having had so many options, nevertheless still he knows that his mind volition have time to theorize and wonder if he should regret. As the poem starts, he is standing on his long ladder pointed towards heaven, and looking down on the apples that he didnt pick. But, he shows no sign of regret, for he admits that he is done with apple-picking now. Though he seems quite confident in this declaration, the reader questions his sincerity as he looks down at the barrel he didnt fill. For this is his last waking hour, and questions ar sure to come while the essence of winter sleep is on the night. Our narrator goes on to talk about his strange hatful of the greyish grass through a small sheet of ice. As he is looking through this piece of glass, it begins to melt, thus symbolizing how his view of the world is about to end. Although completely aware of his waning time, he is soothe by knowing What form his dreaming was about to take.With a slenderly optimistic outlook, he is confident of the positive nature of his thoughts in the afterlife. He supposes that his dreams shall be of his many accomplishments a stem to blossom overview of his lifes works. The narrator alike figures that his dreams will show him how he was sturdy, swaying little, when boughs of the trees were bending in the wind. He will see himself as strong under the heat of a assault of apples come rolling in. After admitting that he has had too much of apple-picking, he seems ready to watch the Highlights in his dreaming. While thinking of how successful he has been in his apple-picking, he begins to wonder of the fruitful opportunities that he has let nod off through his h ands and fall through to the ground.

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