Thursday, February 14, 2019

Chivalry Essay -- essays research papers

Chivalry     Chivalry, the order of gentlehood, and especi whollyy, the code of knightlybehavior, comes from many origins. In Middle English, the excogitate "chevalrie"meant "mounted horseman". In onetime(a) french, the word "chevalrie" meantknightliness or "chevalier" meaning knight. (Microft, Encarta) Almost allorigins of the word meant horseman.     Warfare was non an option in the medieval period and the knight was themost crutial part. The knights ability, and the military strength of the lordor king were nessesary for their survival. A knight was devoted to his king eventhough he was not always a member of his personal court. He was also loyal tohis lord or landowner. Most of all, he was loyal to God, as all Christianknights were. A Christian knight had virtues of fidelity, piety, loyalty anddevotion to God. However, approximately knights did not live this ideal lifestyle.(Duby)    &n bspA young boy in discipline to be a knight spent the first a few(prenominal) years of hislife in care of the women in his family. At the geezerhood of 7 years old, a child ofnoble birth would be placed in the castle of a lord or govenor. This is wherethe training for knighthood began. As a knave, the boy would be tutored inLatin and French, precisely he devoted most of his time to physical exersice, andduties. A page was educated in wrestling, tilting with spears, and militaryexercises that were done on horseback....

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