Friday, February 22, 2019

Dove: Evolution of a Brand

descend should employ a strategy that takes wide-eyed advantage of building an emotional connection with its target customers. Doves target customers argon women. Women are 50% of the worlds population, and they are the key decision-makers for soap purchases in most households. Dove has already do clear that its target is women done it Campaign for Real Beauty. Dove ask to expand on its taint image through use of the internet, including amicable media. Dove involve to continue to differentiate itself from competitors. Dove is not near a soap, not just a moisturizer, not just a set of mathematical products.Dove has a very important socio-political constituency it distinguishks to fit as a grime. That constituency is solely people, especially women, who want to change the standard image of dish aerial portrayed in the media and develop a new and far much diverse standard. Dover isnt about making women feel to a greater extent beautiful Dove is about making more women f eel beautiful. It directs itself as the scratch that celebrates women and their diversity of beauty while helping them achieve their in the flesh(predicate) ideal of self-beauty through use of its high quality products. Dove needs to continue with its bold strategy which goes completely against the grain.The strategy of portraying the messages/ bakshis of view of the consumers as opposed to the message of the mark/company. Allow the brand to become what the target consumer says it is. In other words, allow the brand to represent the unified voice of women as much as possible about the idea of beauty. This bold strategy brought Dove a lot of attendance planetary and kept it in the media, including heavy attention on the worldwide web. Regarding the internet, it is thanks to the internet that Doves brand image and message(s) kitty spread like wildfire very rapidly around the globe.The internet presents an horrendous opportunity for brand managers to promote their brand to th eir target consumers almost instantly through a number of different media formats and outlets. And, it allows the customer to interact with the brand in ways that did not exist before the internet. This customer interaction is very key to Doves ongoing brand strategywhen people feel involved, they develop a greater sense of will military force of or commitment to a brand. The brand identity batch genuinely begin to represent personal identity. And, I think that is what Dove wants.Dove wants women to see Dove products as part of their personal identity because they are eminent to use Dove products due to its brand identity standing for what they in person stand for. Brand strategy is the how, what, when, and to whom you plan on communicating your product or service. Having a clear and concise brand strategy leads to stronger boilersuit brand equity how people feel about or comprehend your product, and how much they are willing to pay for it. A company or products brand is wha t customers perceive about the company/product.And, the brand message needs to be consistent whether it is sent out through traditional media or over the internet. As a tactic exploitation the internet, Dove can use the power of audiovisual imagery to blusher Doves brand image and lot it with millions of people instantly. YouTube, Google Video, Facebook, etc are all powerful in like mannerls where people consume media, comment on it and share it. Dove should use its consumers in its videos ordinary women. And, it should use compelling stories and messages to control its brand message of Real Beauty.And, it should encourage word-of-mouth spreading of these images and message. In other words, Dove can tap into the power of viral trade to boost its brand awareness and solidify its consistent brand image. Its raw material message is that 1) Dove products are high quality beauty supervise products for women who are all beautiful in their own way, 2) Dove products supports all wom en in realizing and achieving their ideal personal image of beauty, 3) Dove rejects the current erratic standard of beauty portrayed in mass media as too narrow and destructive to women as a whole.Dove should have skirmishs as considerably as rewards for its loyal customers who engage with the brand through social media and on official Dove websites. Everyone likes gratitude. And, companies should show gratitude towards their supporters. This will lead to greater brand loyalty. And, the online involvement can be so effectively but inoffensively intrusive into customers lives. For example, Lays Potato Chips ran an undreamed of contest over Facebook for customers who were challenged to create the next Lays flavor.It was a huge success by all accounts. Everyone I knew had heard of the contest and had participated by submitting ideas or sampling the top 3 flavors once they arrived in stores. The winner received $1million. The idea and execution were brilliant. And, Facebook was the platform. Dove can do this sort of thing as well or Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc. I believe video contests would be most effective for Dove because of the power of that medium to share the voice and image of women in their natural state.Dove can also even engage celebrities in this effort to boost the attention and appeal celebrity women in their natural state without airbrushing and heavy makeup. Dove already has positioned itself very well to differentiate itself from its competitors and to target a monstrous key customer segment. It now needs to take advantage of that position and further engage the emotional connections of its customers to build great brand loyalty.

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