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Ernest Hemingway Essay -- essays research papers

Ernest Miller Hemingway was born in Oak viridity, Illinois July 21, 1899. Hemingway is cognise to be one of the most influential writers of the twentieth century. He has indite more than one hundred curtly fiction stories, many of them to be well k in a flashn around the world. Some of these short stories had just as powerful an impact as his novels. As a materialisation man, Hemingway remaining from his main officetown to Europe, where he worked for the Red Cross during public War I. His time played out there inspired him to write some of his most famous novels. some of which spoke of the horrors of the war (Benson xi). Hemingways short stories, "Soldiers domicile" and "Another Country" ar used to show the damaging psychological and physical effects of valet de chambre War I.Hemingway knew first hand the horrors of war. In May of 1918, Hemingway became an honorary blurb lieutenant in the Red Cross, but could not join the forces because he had a defectiv e go forth eye. Hemingway first went to Paris, and soon after receiving new orders he traveled to Milan, Italy. The day he arrived, an ammunition manufactory exploded and he had to carry mutilated bodies and body parts to a makeshift morgue. This was definitely a most terrifying mo custodyt for the young Hemingway. After being seriously injured weeks later, Hemingway found himself recovering at a hospital in Milan. After his stay at the the Statesn Hospital in Milan, Hemingway was relieved of duty (Mitran 1). Having no other drive in Europe, he returned unhappily to Oak Park, Illinois. The impression left on Hemingway by his stay in Italy had changed him profoundly. He never really returned to America as an America(Meyer 115). When Hemingway returned bag from Italy in January of 1919 he found Oak Park dull comp atomic number 18d to the adventures of war, the beauty of foreign lands, and the romance of an older woman. He was solitary(prenominal) nineteen but the war had matured him beyond his years. He was now living with his parents who didnt really appreciate what he had been through. His parents where concerned about his future and wanted him to get a job, and further his education. Hemingway could not find anything he would be interested in. Hemingway often exaggerated his war stories to satisfy his audience. This foreclose period of his bread and butter was used to create the short story called, "Soldiers Home" (Meyer 115).Hemingways story "Soldiers Home" con... .... Hemingways short stories, "Soldiers Home" and "Another Country" are used to show the damaging psychological and physical effects of World War I. Hemingway is able to explain these affects of war to his readers most effectively. This is because of his firsthand flummox in his involvement in World War I. He had been assailable to the horrors of war himself. In the story "Soldiers Home" a man who represents Hemingway comes home from World War I m uch to late. No one appreciated what he had done for his country and was forever psychologically disgraced. He came home as a totally different person and now couldnt forego a normal life. He didnt have the will to work or obtain an education. The American soldiers in "Another Country" where forever damaged by the war. Each of these men couldnt even leave Europe because of their injuries. These men can never return home and pick up from where they left off. Their injuries will hold them all endure from doing the things they love most. One mans injuries held him back from being with his sick wife back at home. These two short stories are perfect examples of how war can change a mans life forever.

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