Sunday, February 10, 2019

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Zyviare Melvin12-11-135th closedown In class we experience been learning well-nigh the death of Nelson Mandela. Apartheid? book you ever wondered what that means, well if you havent I will give out you. It means a policy or system of segregation or discrimination on grounds of race. Nelson Mandela was famous for freeing the black mass in South Africa. He was a granting immunity fighter never giving into the oppressors. It was re in ally bad in the 1960s to have apartheid because that meant a great deal of violence was going on like fighting, it was good to have apartheid because both(prenominal) heap just dont like to be with commonwealth that they arent comfortable with. Nelson Mandela fought for the freedom of South America he never gave up on doing this because he felt like we should all be suitable to each other. He did whatever it took to accomplish this goal if his. To me freedom means being equal to everyone that is around you. It means having all the alike(p) rig hts as someone no matter what their skin color is or what race they are. Nelson had his own definition of what freedom is that you should be very equal to everyone around you, you should have the same opportunities as everyone around you. A fancy up that my family shares with nelsons is being an African American, and also the meaning of family. So now I ask you what costumes does your family share with Nelson Mandela? The African National Congress is the current popular opinion party in Parliament of South Africa. Nelson Mandela was apart of this group. In 1993 Nelson Mandela dual-lane the noble peace prize with the president he also had a son who died of aids this was a terrible time for his family. As you all know Nelson Mandela was a great man, who did amazing things when he was living. Like Barak Obama he was the very f... ...y great important psyche who inspired many people in this generation today. I didnt know who Nelson Mandela was until Ms. Mingo made us do a project o n this and that helped me learn a livelong lot about him, and his life and what he did for this country. Nelson was a great person he was not selfish at all because he cared more(prenominal) about others than he did himself, but when he got sick he didnt want anyone to know because he dint want them to get hurt with this nurture at such a wonderful time.Nelson really made a difference in my life and I wish that I could have met him so that I could know a lot more about him and what all he did in his life. It was pretty rough back thus because there was a lot of racism going on and that was really terrible because that meant no one got alone with each other. That meant that I wouldnt have most of my friends that I have now.

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