Friday, February 1, 2019

How George Eliot Presents the Role of Fatherhood in Silas Marner Essay

How George Eliot Presents the Role of Fatherhood in Silas MarnerThe fresh Silas Marner is ab aside a man who loses everything in his oldhometown Lantern Yard, to the hands of his friend. He moves to avillage called Raveloe which he stays at for 15 years. being a weaverfor so long, Marner has made himself a very dwarfish fortune, whichbecomes his life. When it is stolen by one of the other villagers,Silas feels he has once again disoriented everything until he finds a smallgirl which he names Eppie. The marry between these two characters is anessential part of the invigorated as it brings out a key theme in the novelwhich is fatherhood.In the novel itself, there are many fathers, some(prenominal) of which we do not bring out much of. The main fathers happen to be Squire Cass, his sonGodfrey, Ben Winthrop, Mr Lammeter and posterior on, Silas Marner. Thereis much distinction between these characters and the one that sticksout the just about is perhaps Godfrey Cass. Godfrey is a young man who wasseemingly forced to marrying some drug taking vagrant after making herpregnant, this fact is of railway line his...

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