Sunday, February 24, 2019

Images of Beauty Essay

Beauty is among all of us, both wo small-armpower and manpower yet women and men are looked upon differently, causing a negative impact on themselves and society, targeting the junior generations that trick be very harmful to them ablazely and psychically. In the images of beauty, when men and women are promoted in magazines, movies, billboards and some(prenominal) other different kinds of medians, we all square off those images differently depending how we want ourselves to be as. The media played a powerful percentage in our society influencing and using the models attractiveness and personify image to snaffle the peoples attention. In doing that, media had successfully bombarded the young childrens minds with images of skinny and muscular models that lead to negative consequences such as trunk dissatisfaction, emotional feelings and sexual relations.Body dissatisfaction is a huge issue among adolescent men and women that fuck cause severe health problems by starving themselves and allowing them to do things that will harm their body such as taking drugs or getting a plastic surgery. If someone has a poor body image, he or she would most likely try to do anything or any method to change the looks of its body, even if it means restricting diet or taking potentially harmful substances. For a woman, they will destine that their body is too heavy and as for men, their thoughts are divided into dickens parts over cant and underweight. For example, what is actually considered an ideal body for a man is when they down a low body fat, lots of muscles, narrow waist, enormous shoulders, and body with a V-shaped torso.When another man sees this kind of image, they will govern that this is the kind of body they want to have. This kind of negative influence can encourage, especially the young teenagers and adults to starve themselves, take diet pills and by doing that it can cause anorexia, a type of eating disorder or many other types of health proble ms. For example, when a children look at the models they might trust that the only way to look like them is to go on a diet. Although I may have to agree that it is the blowsy way to last thin, but knowing that it can cause many harms to the body itself. plane though exercise is much harder and takes longer to practices, but it provides many varieties of benefits. nutrition pills is also another fast and easy way to manage their weight however, diet pills also contain diuretics or stimulants, which can cause dormancy problems, seizures, high blood pressure and more.In addition, when men and women are dissatisfied with their body and starts doing all sorts of stuff that causes health problems, they then starts to feel depressed and have low self-esteem. An unhealthy body may increase the changes in an persons behavior and attitude. This can also allow them to experience in the state of anger and anxiety due to the fact that they are not satisfied with size and shape of their bod y.Furthermore, the young teens regarding the entertainment media as the material body one source of information about sexuality and sexual health, allowing easy access for children at a young age to be use into sexual relations. Being open about sex and how they talk to their girlfriends or boyfriends, it is largely because of what they see, hear and learn.

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