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Post-Modern Analysis Of Hr Gigers the birth machine Essay examples --

A Postmodern analysis of H.R. Gigers "The redeem Machine"Contents1.     Introduction to show Premodern, Modern and Post Modern Art2.     The Artist, Hans Rudi Giger and "The Birth Machine"3.     "The Birth Machine"4.     Picture "The Birth Machine"5.     The Philosophical Narrative a.     My chosen philosophical narrative (Postmodernism)b.     Analysis of the piece through postmodernism6.     The Poem "Der atom Kinder"7.     Critical Evaluation8.     Conclusion9.     Picture "Bullet Baby" and " urge on Cast Copy"10.     BibliographyIntroductionPremodern, Modern and Postmodern art forms divers(a) styles of art change and mould to fit the times, as do their artists. It accordingly follows that a number of eras are identifiable in history with the foregoing style or form of art usually being a catalyst for the next. The art often reflects not only the time in which it was created, but also the influence of the great thinkers of that time.The PremodernThe premodern philosophy in similarity to art locoweed then be divided into two screen and distinct areas, namely the Hellenic and the Medieval. The latter saw art as a mimetic actively or a second-hand reflection of the airplane pi separate source of meaning that which is above man. In the biblical sense, this would refer to Yahweh or God (Kearney, 1994115). This was followed by the belief that the imagination (and therefore that which came from the imagination) was a clean counterfeit of the original being (Kearney, 1994117). As art could never be perfect and was always an interpretation of the imagination, the look-alikeography (representational paintings) of Christ and the Saints had to therefore follow stark rules in order to show no emotion. This was no ensure that the icon which was being represented was being worshiped and never the painting itself.In the Hellenistic imagination, although man can be seem as an original power of physical art pieces, the artists can never escape the feeling that it is an put on of th... ...beautiful and artistic at the same time.Where the premodern art forms may have been alike limiting on the artist and modern art a lot more reserved, postmodern art enables the artist to explore endless possibilities when it comes to expression. perchance too many as a lot of postmodern artists can start to claim almost any replicated image as a work of art. The imagination should be able to run freely, but should still, nevertheless in todays world on the monotonous, try to avoid too some(prenominal) replication. Nonetheless, Hans Rudi Giger remains a living legend along with his tortured artworks.Bibliography     Kearney, R. The wash of the Imagination Towards a postmodern Culture. London 1994     HR Giger. Gigers Necronomicon. Morpheus International. Beverley Hills. 1980     Stanislav Grof, Review of Necronomicon bomber Valley, California, January 2001. (     http//     http//

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