Saturday, February 16, 2019

The Coup de Grace :: essays papers

The Coup de GraceThe short film, The Coup de Grace is a realistic war movie that illustrates the casualties of war. This film does not glorifies war, instead it dedicates a very realistic view of its aftermath. One of the many artistic techniques enjoyment in this movie is the illusion of action which is achieved by the quick driving force of the camera. For example, the Captain at the beginning of his search is stationary and facing foregoing for a long measure. As he is facing forward, the background is in motion giving a sense of action. This means that the world or so him is moving on and time does not stop for no one. lastly he moves aimlessly for a long time. This shows that to try to find somebody in such a situation is not an easy delegate to do. He choose to do it alone even though he could have gather some soldiers to help him make the task high-speed if not easier. Perhaps he was afraid of the outcome and how he would shell out it emotionally thus losing his bea ring in front of his men. As he is searching, he is very gentle and careful went he turns the death bodies round to make a positive identification of his maven. He is giving the bodies the outermost respect even thought they are dead. The captain finally finds his hurt best friend. He reacted in an angry and conf utilized way. The wounded police sergeant had regressed to an earlier stage of development to deal with the immense pain of his wound. Seen his friend like this made the captain remember an earlier happy time went the sergeant was free of pain and injuries. The flashback is another artistic technique use in the film. The two friends are conversating and reminiscing their childhood. It is important to notice how yellow kB the grass is in this scene compared to lather. The sergeants older bother, the major(ip) disturbs their happy conversation. The artistic technique use to do this is shown with an immediate sunlight spot. The sergeant gets up and renders a salut e, but the captain does not salutes covering disrespect toward the major. The major expresses his jealously and gives him his assignment adding that if the captain wished, he could give it to someone else of lesser rank.

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