Friday, March 22, 2019

College Admissions Essay: I Shall Break Free :: College Admissions Essays

I Shall Break Free If talking to could posit all they mean then life would be easy. I assay to speak, but postal code ever comes from my mouth. Mind full of thoughts with no expression to get them out. Expressions come but do not mean what they say. separately try brings a blundering mess of a jumble of words, no heart and soul to anyone in what they say. Try and speak only to be ignored by empty space. Each thought whole in my head, not even so a fragment in my mouth. No matter what I try, my sound judgement still flows free with no way to express it. Night comes with antepast of a voice to come from my head. Always try yet words still do not come. Around conversation happens like I dream of, yet I can still utter nothing but silence. Break the silence, with mindless speech no meaning in eithers voice. I search secret for my being that brings with it my mind, but I try to no avail. If only my mind would work. How can I make it? alike many tri es come up empty. More chances come so I continue to search my soul for the voice that I have big since lost. Once I knew it, and could call for and receive at any time. What was it I did? I do not know, but it has been scared too deep inside me. Must find, for without it I am as good as a mute. Still I talk, but with no meaning.

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