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Ethics and Abortion Essay

Nicky was 18 when she started dating with James. They had unprotected premarital sex. After a hardly a(prenominal) weeks, she found out that she was pregnant so she asked an advice from her doctor. She wasnt ready for a itch yet. She still had her ambitions in life and she didnt want to bump up her social life. So she and James decided to abort the baby (Real Life Abortion (Nickys Story), 2003). Yes, you read it remunerate.In this while of unrivaled-night stands, premarital sex and unwanted pregnancies, miscarriage has become a public resort from responsibility. Abortion is the removal of an embryo or a POC (Product of Conception) from the uterus. Basically, in that location be two types of miscarriage the spontaneous abortion and the induced abortion. extemporaneous abortion is the type that is caused by accident and/or by essential cases. It can also be caused by environmental factors. On the a nonher(prenominal) hand, induced abortion is caused by human action.It is further categorized into redress and elective. Therapeutic abortion is the act of removing the fetus from the uterus for reasons of safety and/or survival in the part of the mother, to preserve the mothers health, to burn down pregnancy that would result in a child born with infixed disorders, and to selectively reduce the number of fetuses to lessen health risks regarding multiple pregnancies. Meanwhile, elective abortion is the kind of abortion performed for any other reason.There are two different but parallel theories regarding abortionthe important theory and the deontology theory. The consequential theory believes that an act is morally right if and only if it contributes to the greenness good(Williams, 1973. ). It outrightly supports abortionmay it be healing(p) or elective. In therapeutic abortion, if the mother life is at risk in having the pregnancy, then the consequential theory allows for such action. If having a baby destroys a persons future career, then abortio n is okay.Consequential theory denies that moral virtuousness depends solely on the anything other than the consequences (B. Hooker, 2000). Nonetheless, what makes this morally wrong is not the abortion itself but the consequences it may bring to the mother such as stirred trauma. Consequential theory ignores all morally relevant factors to the consequences as contrasted to whatever the circumstances there may be(Mill, 1861). However, deontology theory asserts otherwise.Deontological ethics or duty-based ethics does not consider an act as good or evil per se but classifies the action as it is being performed or on the process of performing devoid of prejudice or pre-established ethical principles. It judges morality by evaluating the nature of the actions and the will of the person mingled rather than what is achieved(Kay, 1997). It is also known as nonconsequentialism. Deontological judgment depends on the endeavor or original nature of the act. It typically involves two impo rtant elements, prerogatives and constraints.Prerogatives abnegate that one should always choose the option with optimistic consequences and constraints place limitations on the actions that the person may do in order to bring some his own personal good. Thus, from the deontological parlance, abortion, because it takes away life, upsets natures way of creation, and denies the born(p) capacity of a woman to give birth, is objectively and intentionally malicious, although it could be justified in extreme cases which would merit for an exception.These two theories, in union are different but somehow, they are compatible with each other. They do not really contradict each other, rather, they are analogous. Analogous theories are truly and essentially different but necessarily contradictory with each other in principle but they could excite similar set up or conclusion per application that is why they are analogouspartially the same, partly different. In the present society, most wo men view abortion consequentially.They unblock abortion by consequences it may cause. Lets take Nickys situation as an example. Nicky believes that the abortion of their baby is right mainly because it was not yet the right time for them to have a baby. If she were to continue with her pregnancy, what would have happened? She would have lived a miserable lifenot having a profession or a career and tied down with a baby. What if her swain James left her? Could she find another man who would readily intromit her despite her past?There were lots of things to be consideredschool, financial stability, and stimulated stability. These and a lot more questions ran through Nickys mind onward she decided to go with the abortion. Obviously, it is not easy to try to confuse ones conscience. But if we step at it closely, it is a matter of rights. Womens rights. Everybody makes mistakes. Nicky did a mistake by engaging in unprotected internal intercourse with her boyfriend. Nevertheless, continuing the pregnancy could also be a mistake.Abortion, when we look at its consequences, is not a mistake. According to the Womens Rights, women have the right to bodily integrity and autonomy. Whether or not the woman decides to resort to abortion of the fetus inside her body, it is her right to decide on that. forth from that, women also have the right to parenthood and marriage. Women who have committed abortion should not be discriminated by the society. True, it is not such a decent image but hey, women are humans. Women have rightsequal rightsand dignity(2006, Human Rights Watch).

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