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Training Ground For Murderers Essay examples -- History Historical Ess

preparation acres For MurderersContinued U.S. support for the School of the Americas, an institution that has trained dictators and political assassins, is alone unjustifiable.At seven o clock in the morning on December 11, 1981 an evil force entered the small El Salvadorian village of El Mezote (School of Assasins). With painted faces and army fatigues, the guerillas carried machine guns and automatic rifles into the peaceful village. As subsister Rufina Amaya recounts, At ten oclock the soldiers began to kill the men who were in the church. First, they machine-gunned them and slit their throats (Country Sheets for Close it Down Fast 3). After the men, the women were displace face down in the dusty streets and shot to death. Amaya remembers listening as, they killed foursome of my children my nine-year-old, my six-year-old, my three-year-old, and my eight-month-old daughter. My husband was killed, too I didnt see them kill the children, still I heard the childrens screams (3) . After days of hiding in the tall grass that surrounded the village, Amaya emerged to find that over 900 of her neighbors had been brutally massacred. kayoed of the dead, one hundred and thirty children were massacred in the horrific event, including three infants that had been burnt alive (School of Assassins Country Sheets for Close it Down Fast 3). Who was to blame for the El Mezote massacre? Surprisingly, ten out of twelve of the officers responsible for the massacre were American trained guerillas and attendees of a Latin American military school fixed in Fort Benning, Georgia the School of the Americas (Barber 144). Since its creation in 1946, the American government has provided extensive training for over 58,000 soldiers from se... ... April 2002.School of the Americas U.S. Military Training for Latin American Countries.GAO/NSIAD-96-178. 22 August 1996. Letter Report. 4 April 2002 Schoultz, Lars. case Security and linked States Policy Toward Latin America. Princeton P rinceton University Press, 1987.Taking Stock blueprint Columbias First Year. Columbia Monitor environ 2002 1.United States. Congressional House. Report of the Subcommittee on International Relations. 116 Cong., 2nd sess. H. Rept. June 16, 1999 Washington U.S. presidency Printing Office, 1999.United States. Cong. House. Testimony Charles E. Wilhelm Before Appropriations Committee and Defense Subcommittee. H. Rept. March 3, 1999. Washington Federal Document Clearing House, Inc. 1999.

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