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The Truman Doctrine In order to stop Communism, hot seat Harry S. Truman issued the Truman Doctrine in1947, which provided attend to to Greece and Turkey. The fall in States gave aid to those countries, specifically,because it matt-up they were most threatened by Communismduring the time of the chilly War (Ferrell, pg.105).Communism is an economic system in which a individual(a) partycontrols the means of production with the aim ofestablishing a classless partnership (Encarta). The period afterWorld War II, up until the year 1990, when The un warmed Warended, was controllight-emitting diode by two superpowers, the UnitedStates and the Soviet Union. The United States was take byPresident Harry S. Truman, who was thrown into thepresidency by the unthought-of death of Franklin D.Roosevelt, and the Soviet Union was led by Joseph Stalin(McCullough, pg. 371). Each denotative different views onpolitics, economics and human rights. A number of eventsoccurred which led the United S tates and the Soviet Unionto engage in what is now cognize as the Cold War. The fiveareas of conflict were with Poland, Germany, atomicsecrets, easterly Europe, and economic rebuilding ofWestern Europe. The Cold War was not a war in thetypical sense of the word. There were no shots fired, but preferably it was a war with words. In some ways this could beconsidered worsened than a real war because that type causesa lot to a greater extent fear over what could occur at any moment and atmospheric condition the threats were real or not. Those countries thatsided with the United States, which were mostly WesternEuropean nations, were cognize as the free valet de chambre. TheSoviet Union, on the other hand, occupied the EasternEuropean nations which came to be known as theCommunist Bloc (Barrons). During this time, PresidentHarry S. Truman wanted to contain Communism before itspread world-wide. He felt that this was the crucial pointand Truman responded by issuing the Truman Doctrine i n1947. Truman feared that third world countries wouldaccept Communism. Communism 2 sounded tempting tothese countries because it would agree everyone and itmay even provide those countries with a stable government(Ferrell, pg. 105). The of import objective of the TrumanDoctrine was to support Turkey and Greece because theUnited States government felt they were most threatenedby Communism during the Cold War. The United Statesdid not want Communism to spread, in fear that it wouldform in the United States (Encarta). The United Stateswanted to show the Soviet Union that they werent theworld power and that the Soviets could not forceCommunism on other countries, peculiarly weak, smallercountries. The Soviet Union thought they were the most

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