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Consumer Behaviour Assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Consumer Behaviour Assignment - Essay ExampleClammer (1992) argues that this is dependable even of the most mundane inhalation choices, which fanny reflect an individuals identity, tastes and social position (see also Elliott and Wattanasuwan, 1998 Slater, 1997) (cited by Sowden and Grimmer, 2009, p 1).Motherhood requires different trades that a woman goes through when becoming a mother. One of the aspects of this is the change in roles. Together with this comes the brand spick-and-span identity and often of priorities also. A woman who mogul earn devoted much of her time on herself-importance especially on physical aesthetic sense might suddenly feel that her needs to promote her physical looks is relegated to the more important role of taking kick of a child.Because of this new role and identity where the new mom has to fit in, she is exposed to a shed of what the identity must be or must look like. The purchase order sometimes paints the required word picture that a mom must take in order to fit in the mould or the individual projects her own identity which she feels is best accepted in the society. As she tries to orient herself with the new role, she is subjected to consumption choices and decisions that had been expected from the identity that she has just assumed or wants to assume.These consumption decisions particularly refer to ... Similarly, other transitions or rites of passage points in the life cycle of the consumer could be viewed as identity projects. With the transition or with a new role to play, the consumer take on a new image which is necessarily consistent with the new identity he/she assumes. This then necessarily affect his/her consumption decision. Wattanasuwan (2005, p 179) stated that we do not really consume products just for necessity but also more importantly for the projection of the self that we want others to see. This self or this identity project is the one we hope that others within our group or subculture would acc ept and welcome with open arms.One case in point is the pre-adult or teenage years. This is a rather delicate and volatile stage as the individual tries to find out how he/she fits into the society he/she belongs to. Most of the issues that concern teenagers move towards their desire to belong and be accepted. Many young peck would try to create and project an identity of maturity in their hopes to easily blend into the world of adults. exemplary consumption is taking on a greater role in distinguishing the pre-adult from the adult (Ozanne, 1992 as cited by Batat, n.d.). Others would use this identity project to impress their peers or to be accepted in certain circles or groups. The use of goods as symbols for communicating with other consumers is related to the use of goods in the development of self-identity. Individual can then use the symbolic content of chosen consumption objects to reflect their affiliation or community to a particular social group (Batat, n.d. cited from E lliott and Wattanasuwan, 1998).Because of this, the consumption choices we face would depend on the identity we

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