Monday, April 15, 2019

Cyber City Reaction Essay Example for Free

Cyber City Reaction EssayThe entire concept of Cyber City, an idealized high-concept mecca of lifelong integrated learning, is an provoke ideaon paper. Dennis Gooler and Charles Stegman, the authors of the paper conceptualizing the technology-driven education-centric civilization known as Cyber City, raise some very fire and pertinent points. The idea of integrating technology into every facets of learning makes absolute sense, and it completely inarguable, especially in todays day and age when technology is progressing so quickly and as a return the entire construction of the social strata is changing constantly with it. The only way for a person to unfold learning (and even begin to remotely keep with up with the constantly progressing technology-driven cultural atmosphere) id by implementing technology into his/her everyday learning techniques. It is also consummate(a)ly reasonable that the physical process of learning be do on-going end-to-end a persons life, and i n every facet of their social and working environments.(TECHNICALLY, this is already the case regardlessit is human nature to constantly be learning, mentally absorbing the things around them and internalizing everything in order to better inform future activities and decisionsask any sociologist, and all would agree that the learning process never stops, it just looks different and comes from different sources. However, to assume that a school-like atmosphere is the only one in which a person can receive a valuable education is more than just uninitiate it is insulting.And no person could possibly deny without bias another human bes proper(a) to learn, and cede equal access to learning materials as all other people, giving everyone the same advantages and aim the playing field. These are all excellent ideas. Not unlike the idea that all people should have equal shares in personal property and should be economically equal with no division in social status and thus no gaping di screpancy between the rich and poor.That idea is called socialism, fabianism in its more violent form, and though it sounds good on paper in practice they just cant seem to get it to work right. What Gooler and Stegman have introduced here is the idea of Utopia might as well call it Heaven. Though it may be fun to extrapolate endlessly on the wouldnt-it-be-great-ifs, this motley of (albeit altruistic) daydreaming does not in itself beget a scheme of action.What the authors have effectively proven throughout this, their endless fantasizing of a perfect world, is that they have no real plan of action (the repeated refusal to epitome a strategy as to how to raise the money for such a project and keep it rudderless after the fact is a glaringly obvious testament as to just how unworkable this plan is). Their model seems to be based on the idea that if everyone got along and everyone pitched in and helped out and they all agreed to do this together then it would be great.But there i s so much violence on learning, and every area within this Cyber City is in some way sanctioned for surplus learning, that authors/imaginers of this plan fail to account for the contain this city will have to continue brining in revenue, and a great deal of it (which wont happen if the workplace is forced to open its doors and arms to being a place of learning for all who desire to do so), not to mention even sexual climax the question of who is going to foot the bill for all these high-tech gadgets to increase learning abilities which would be made accessible to one and allBottom line is this is capitalism, not socialism, and it sounds like a great idea, in truth it does, but dont come out with such a lengthy imagining of a perfect world without having some sort of workable plan of action to see it to fruition. And sorry, but you do need to address the money issue. You just cant circle-speak your way around it.So thank you for the winning imaginings of a world so much better than our own, a world in which money doesnt matter and people arent expected to do anything all day every day buy food learn, and in a completely non-structured learning environment at that, but please try to necessitate a little more substance into it next time. Thanks for playing.

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