Thursday, April 25, 2019

Focus Plastics Plc - Producer of Moulded Plastic Essay

Focus Plastics Plc - Producer of Moulded Plastic - Essay ExampleThe household items under the brand design focus remain almost stagnate i.e. in 1993 it was worth 6056,000 pounds and in 2005 it remains at 6533,000 pounds. nevertheless the naked as a jaybird product take to the woods under brand name concept comprising storage classs, mixing bowls, strainers, salad bowls, wipe holders and new(prenominal) kitchen items, sales have grown from 3411000 pounds in 1997 to 16210,000pound in 2005. In 2005, the company started a new product range with brand name concept office comprising filing trays, storage boxes and a range of desk items. This latest and new range of products proved very successful in the very first year of its launch and contributed 1320,000 pounds in sales. The company has divested itself completely from its industrials customers. The company has inculcated a reputation for household products for its quality in the minds of the consumers. It has used latest technolo gies and trained manpower but being in an industry, where entry barriers are low, it faces on the inherent threat from smaller manufacturers on the pricing front. The company has planed its manufacturing facilities with a process-based layout and having all sorts of injection - edge machines of various ages from latest Robotic devices to operate manually. At the planning level, scheduling all the machines and maintaining inventory levels as soundly as utilization of equipment, output rates &scrap rates has to be monitored by the planning manager. In this particular area, the company is facing the problem company is also inclined to develop new and modernistic products regularly because of the market requirements. Needs and preferences of customers are ever-changing fast and the company has to cope up the changing need of its customers. So the company is always trying to develop newer products but in the process faces both(prenominal) problems in developing products continuously and timely.Now company is facing a new dilemma that whether it may gallop with its product range under brand name Focus or to emphasize on the other product ranges namely under brand name concept & concept office in this fact company has to evaluate its production and operations capacities and to find out the right kind of strategies for production, warehousing and distribution.

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