Monday, April 22, 2019

Health care marketing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Health care marketing - Essay interpreterIt should finally carry out promotion incentives to avail their customers with the necessary information concerning their goods (Hoffmann, 2008). Therefore, the four Ps of marketing canbe said to consist of promotions, prices, harvest-festivals and place. These variables are vital for artes that may wish to learn their marketing strategies and pursue their desired sales levels (Hoffmann, 2008). The Evanston hospital indulges in the provision of services and plans within the health care department. Their range of products has changed in the past thirty to forty years from the provision of simple medical exam procedures and orthotic devices meant to correct physical disabilities (Peterson, 2008). However, the hospital is currently into providing modern services in addition to the traditional products that take contracted emergencies physician organizations that run their emergency rooms, group purchasing contracts and consulting services prime on the net (Habiyaremye, 2011). ... ent challenges that these products are supposed to go through as they pass the different stages that may be found within their life-cycles (Peterson, 2008). The product mix is also another important aspect of the hospitals product that should be put into dole outation. The expansion of the current product mix being utilized by the hospitals management can be carried out by augmenting a certain products depth or their product lines (Hoffmann, 2008). The hospitals marketers should consider how they will position their products or configure their product mixes to enable their products complement each other (Habiyaremye, 2011). In view of the hospitals product, the marketers should consider the most appropriate development strategies that should be used (Peterson, 2008). Price is described as what the customers to a business may be willing to give birth for their services or products (Habiyaremye, 2011). In other words, when the hospital pr ovides both a service or a product to its customer, then he or she is supposed to pay a certain amount referred to as the price (Peterson, 2008). However, the issues of pricing have become major(ip) concerns for versatile marketing strategies in the health care sector as its environment changes (Hoffmann, 2008). According to previous reports in that respect are several factors that contribute to the role played by the pricing variables in the development of a marketing strategy (Peterson, 2008). For instance, the rising costs for health care services have created a major concern for many businesses in the profession (Hoffmann, 2008). These reports additionally state that the costs of providing health care previously rose by 5.8% in the US, 6.8% in the UK, 7.1% in Greece and 9.6% in a country like southeasterly Korea (Habiyaremye, 2011). These

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