Sunday, May 19, 2019

Chapter 5 American Government

11. A plurality is more than half the votes cast. (false) -the state of existence plural or numerous 12. A ward is a unit into which cities are often change integrity for the election of city councilmembers. (true) 13. An ideological party arises over a particular issue or crisis and presently fades away. (false) they arise because of their beliefs on a matter and are long-lived. 14. Partisanship means membership in sensation of the major parties. (false) Partisanship is a noun meaning an inclination to favor one group or assure or opinion over alternatives 15. hey bring people together to achieve control of the government. 16. divisive because if it wasnt for the fact they need to until nowtually make up they would go their separate ways. 17. public officeholders , partisanship 18. inseparable supported by the arrangements is a principle reason why challenging to the system. By minor parties. 19. for each one of the parties have their own views, and each agree on weakness, religion, and other. 20. shared the same ideals, same basic, principles, and the same patterns of belief. 21. federalist B- black lovage hamliton and support constitution 22 a civil war signaled it B one party control 23 American political landscape franklin Roosevelt election 24 The present era is known as the era of divided government. Neither party has consistently held on to the presidency. Congress is also usually controlled by the opposing party as well. 25- The four types of minor parties consist of the ideological parties, the single-issue parties, the economic protest parties and the lam parties. 26.The Election of 1912 Roosevelt created The Progressive Party a. k. a the Bull Moose Party. Roosevelt beat Taft in electoral votes. 27 the president is the parties leaders 28. leader of the national committee 29. 1. Republican or demo. 2 split- ticketing voting 3. parties = wanton 4. changing of technology 31. yes because everyone has the own opinion and that is what the u s is made up of.. everyones individual self-importances. 32 minor parties arent even popular enough to vote and wont even allow them to win. 33. commercials

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