Friday, May 31, 2019

Children in the midst of Crisis Essay -- Education Argumentative Persu

Children in the midst of CrisisOur facts of life system is one of the most respectable, reputable and sought after commoditys in our society, nevertheless it is overly the most over crowded, discriminatory, and controversial system ever established. Most people yearn for a higher education because its whats expected in this society in order to go bad ahead. It means a better job, more money, power, prestige and a sense of entitlement. But this system has let down the squirtren that argon supposed to benefit from it. breeding discriminates against minorities, and poorer class students are not expected nor further to attain a higher education. The education system is set up to ensure that every child get a basic education, but there are many boundaries and social settings that make this almost impossible to achieve. To many students the thought of higher education is just a dream that seems unattainable, but with positive affirmation we can help all children excel. First, we ha ve to recognize the problems associated with the school system then maybe we can work to resolve them. We as educators must re evaluate the system that enables children to become lost in the shuffle. The group this most applies to is minorities. This includes children from different backgrounds who differ in language and culture from the dominant society. Bell Hooks a famous advocator and author states, young black people are encouraged by dominant believe that assimilation is the only possible direction to survive, succeed(97). She herself was put in the education system thinking she must assimilate, but with perseverance and the determination to succeed on her own terms, she was seen as the exception in her culture. Being the exception, angered Hooks ... ...ercentage of students in our school system and they are the most over looked. Schools need to implement programs that encourage difference and change instead of trying to gloss over the situation and force assi milation. Education involve to be monitored and stigmas attached to these children need to be resolved. These children have a right to a basic education that allow for allow them to function with in society. They also have a right to seek a higher education if they choose to do so. The manner in which we encourage a child will have a lasting affect on them and perhaps break the cycle. Education creates focus in peoples lives and encourages change for those who seek a better way of life. Works Cited Hooks, Bell. Keeping Close to HomeClass and Education. The Presence of Others.2000. Spayde, Jon. Learning in the Key of Life. The Presence of Others.2000.

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