Saturday, May 4, 2019

Effectiveness of a lifestyle intervention in promoting the well-being Essay

Effectiveness of a lifestyle hitch in promoting the well-being of fourth-year people - Essay ExampleAmong such studies, there is an article by Clark, Jackson, Carlson et al. (2012) that evaluated the relevancy and efficiency of a lifestyle intercession for this particular group of the population. Not only the study confirms the positive impact of the OT intervention bring forward it besides delivers the idea of readiness as one of the factors that are obligatory for the practice of this intervention becoming a working mechanism.This idea is crucial not only because it is justified by the authors but because it deals with the application of the theoretical concept of practice. The question that is posed through it is whether one-time(a) adults, as well as government and administrative agents, would be able to accept the changes and utilize the tool of lifestyle intervention for benefit of the well-being of elderly people. Currently, it seems that there is still a lack of under standing, especially from older adults about the relevance of this OT practice. This is demonstrated by the number of dropout subjects who were not ready for the changes to happen despite the positive results foreseen. The questions that are to be addressed are not only within the theoretical area of research but also within increasing the awareness among the patients about the usability of the lifestyle intervention and accepting its positive impact. These questions warrant further research as they would allow the practice to become applicable in real-life situations. This would bring benefits to both older adults as well as other stakeholders.

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