Sunday, May 5, 2019

Globalization and International Relations Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Globalization and International Relations - Essay ExampleAs a result of globalization, nations could change their political as well technological relations globally. This paper will analyze globalization and its impacts on international relations. The concept of global economy came into existence with the emergence of globalization. This process notably assisted contrastive segments of the international market. Globalization has significantly contributed to the creation of a global market and a global outline of production. Capital marketers also enjoy the benefits of globalization as it has contributed to the integration of financial systems. This concept aided financial organizations like International Monetary Fund to disseminate a particular view of the states role within the international economy (Robinson, 2006). In addition, globalization enhanced the development of telecommunications media which in cultivate fastened the spread of global mass culture. And the key product ion factors such as capital and dig out became globally mobile. Globalization eliminated international trade barriers and thus promoted international relations once this concept attenuated the ability of nations to control transnational operations and scotch activities. Companies transplanted their production facilities to other countries where costs are comparatively lower. Before the emergence of globalization, developing and underdeveloped countries had little access to developed markets and improved technology. However, since globalization, the global economic environment has undergone tremendous changes. According to Devetak and Hughes (2008, p. 34), globalization connects nations through a global network, and it assists a nation to lose access to foreign markets and customers. Since the nations got ranges of benefits from globalization, governments adopted a liberal approach towards international trade.

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