Friday, May 3, 2019

Professionalism and ethics learning portfolio Essay - 1

Professionalism and ethics learning portfolio - strain Examplel issues in the wakeless vocation First, do no harm. In applying this adage to the statutory profession, analysts point push through that, in recent years, many lawyers have forgotten about their commitment to nicety and the rule of law. At times that goes against the very tenets of legal success. While humility and sacrifice is valued in the medical field, it can be a career killer in legal circles. Maybe sooner we could slip in First do much harm instead. That is not to say that all legal professionals are arrogant and self-serving, exclusively legal radiation diagram often rewards these qualities nonetheless. Generally speaking, law is now command by an established philosophical school ethical egoism that is, doing what is best for oneself is what is best for the world.Some practitioners and pertain groups point out that there may be a need for a Hippocratic execration for law graduates in order to ensure th at illegal and unethical practices in the legal profession would be avoided. An analysis by Evans (n.d) reveals that implementing a Hippocratic Oath for lawyers may work well for the legal profession however, it may to a fault just remain an empty symbol because in essence, the legal profession is very much different from the medical practice. The medical profession, from the very beginning, incorporates and emphasizes among their students the importance of first, doing no harm. Among law students and new lawyers however, the substance is not transmitted and emphasized enough. Evans (n.d) also points out that the legal practice is filled with activities which circumvent the laws these practices also often skate the thin line between the ethical and unethical. And yet, most lawyers are aware of this practice among their colleagues and given the same opportunity, would use such strategies too. With this premise in the legal practice, Evans (n.d) once again points out how, in the lega l practice, honesty is all very well, but how does honesty allow tax avoidance, but not

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