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Sport Training Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Sport Training - Essay ExampleHowever, when suck up production is excessive, it accumulates in the go throughs and the blood. Meanwhile, if the glycogen stores of the muscles and blood decrease, the good examples slow down and when the aerobic procedures undertaken are not sufficient, the act upon can not be maintained (Astrand & Rodahl, 1987 Fox, Bowers, & Fos, 1988 Weineck, 1986). Lactat is accumulated in the organism after all kinds of muscle coiffure having maximal and supramaximal work load. It can even be observed within ten minutes workload (Jacops et al, 1983). The measurements of lactate in the muscle and blood are being done to determine these processes. Lactate measurements during exercise restitution information on the intensity of the workload and on its duration. The measurements carried out after the exercise yield information on the frequency of workload and on its scope, that is, on resting-recovery process (Bueno, 1990). Babij found that, after an exercise of 10 minutes where maximal oxygen consumption rate was 50%, in that respect was no solicitation of venous blood, and that, after the same exercise where oxygen consumption rate was 76%, lactate of the venous blood increased up to 5 minutes and then started to decline (Babij et al, 1983).The number of infantile and modern competitions has significantly increased over the past two decades (Bar-Or O. 1996 Colantonio et al, 1997 Kemper, 1995 Matveev, 1996), which has favored world records to be broken by 14-year old athletes. One knows well metabolic and functional responses to exercises in adults, whether normal or with impairments (Del et al, 1985 Negrao et al, 1998) besides there are many issues that are yet to be solved regarding physical training of children and adolescents (Bar-Or O, 1996). Aerobic fittingness is instrumental for children and adolescents, not only for healthfulness8, but also for the practice of a number of sports (McArdle et al, 1996).Human qualification of performing mid and long-duration exercises chiefly depends on aerobic metabolism. Thus, one of the main indices used to assess this intend is the maximum oxygen uptake (VO2max), known as aerobic power (Denadai BS, 1995 Kiss MAPDM, 2000). According to literature, in maximum exertion tests, swimmers (S) and water polo players (WP) typically present VO2max set close to 69.012 and 55.513 (, respectively. In judo practitioners, it has been observed, from four ensuant Wingate test bouts for upper limbs that oxygen uptake (VO2) in the first bout was lower than that in the second, but there were no differences from the later in the third and fourth bouts, showing a tendency to stabilization. For liquid and water polo, when comparing two consecutive Wingate test bouts for upper (ARMS) and lower limbs (LEGS), and specific tests at the pool, there was good correlation only for ARMS (r = 0.85, p In spite of evidences about mean VO2max set at exercises in which aerobic metabo lism prevail, it is interesting to observe its behavior in exercises in which anaerobic metabolism prevail.VO2max may be defined as the highest oxygen (O2) uptake accomplished by an soulfulness breathing air at sea level (Astrand PO, 1952). This variable is one of the main items examined in heroism studies, in spite of the use of the expression oxygen peak uptake (VO2peak) to describe O2 uptake values from any

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