Sunday, May 12, 2019

Why kids should not be on the internet Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Why kids should not be on the internet - Essay ExampleThe success remains in how cleverly we utilize them for the wellbeing of the people. mesh is just like an ocean of knowledge for whole the people. But the problem is that this ocean consists of good and evils. Only the matured persons will be able to study and segregate good things from internet whereas immature people always fell in to this ocean as victims of the bad things. Internet can provide contents like sexual acts or conduct, lewd exhibitions of genitals, the septette dirty FCC words, revealing attire, the use or sale of weapons, game sites designed for teens or older, legal or illegal drugs, legal or illegal gambling, alcohol consumption, explicit violence against people or animals including despise crimes, tobacco use etc to the kids which are harmful in their development as a socially veritable personality and hence the internet usages should be restricted to them. This paper analyses the negative impacts of int ernet on kids.Internet consists of sex related contents which is harmful to the kids. One of the major reasons for juvenile offenses is the influence of internet upon children. separatism of good and evils is sticky for kids because of the growth sex hormones at these ages. It is easy for the juveniles to watch movies filled with violence and sexual activities using internet websites like YouTube. Internet is used by kids playing video games and relaxing purposes. It is difficult for them to search for serious things at this age because of the peculiarity of their age. After a busy work outs in the classrooms most of the children uses internet for watching something interesting to them. The Internet is an invaluable tool for adolescents who use it to look for answers to personal, sensitive, and pasty questions about their bodies, relationships, and health. A study of 778 teens aged 15-18 in the African nation of Ghana shows that two-thirds had gone online, principally at cafes wi th Internet access. All of

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