Sunday, June 9, 2019

Advertising and marketing communications Assignment

Advertising and marketing communications - Assignment ExampleThis paper explores the potentiality of the unalike medium of advertising sought aft(prenominal) a critical reading of the lecture series to incorporate the learning theories in practice on Public Health Campaign promoting HEALTHY EATING. hither we consider various theoretical issues for understanding marketing communications such as integrated marketing communications, the communication process, the communication environment and ethics. Further, we consider different marketing communication channels and apply our theoretical understanding of communications to examine their effectiveness. The present problem being children related, there is special references in paediatric suggestions suppose to reflect in periodicals. The in box materials suggest the substantial literature while the Strategic Steps are drawn on how to take away out this campaign.Obesity is a condition in which the natural energy reserve, stored in the f atty tissue of humans and other mammals associated with certain health conditions or increase mortality. Although obesity is an individual clinical condition, it needs to show concern as a serious and growing public health problem excessive system clog has been shown to predispose to various diseases, particularly cardiovascular diseases, diabetes mellitus type 2, sleep apnea and osteoarthritis. CHILDHOOD OBESITY is a medical condition that affects children. Characteristically it delves a weight well above the mean for their height and age and a body mass index well above the norm. Childhood obesity has become an pestilential in Western countries, in particular, the United States, United Kingdom and Australia. Over 15% of American children are currently under the curse to be obese, and the arrive is growing.Strategic step 1 INTEGRATED MARKETING COMMUNICATIONSCommunication has always provided the symbolic resources and medium for the construction of identity. We are now more cra nky to the way that the growth of commercial symbols such as brands has added richness to the choice of symbols we might use to build and communicate identities and ideas. Integrating marketing communications is non straightforward, for this includes non-integrated management of communications, different types of language and mindset for different types of promotional activities and the complex nature of umpteen organizations. Marketers need to write messages, transmit those messages and those messages, to a greater or lesser degree, and have the intended effect on the readers and viewers.OBESITY THE CAUSES WITHOUT BLAMING THE GENESAcquiredChildhood obesity results from poor eating habits, as well as genetic and hormonal causes. Fast food restaurants and junk food are popular with children. Even frequent eating out often results in weight gain. Children who do not engage in frequent physical activity are much more likely to suffer from obesity. This is due to the recent technologi cal developments, including video games, computers, and restless phones. Physically inactive children are unable to burn off the calories that they gain from eating. Do you agree Send your comments.Psychological factorsThese factors influence a childs eating habits and many children eat in response to stress and or negative emotions such as boredom, anger, sadness, anxiety or depression.Do you agree Write your problem to us. transmittableMany might think obesity could be hereditary. Mostly obesity betides by shared unhealthy eating habits in the household, it has been suggested that there may be a genetic reason for obesity. However, recent studies have shown that while there is evidence of in vitro influences on food choice, perhaps the largest influence can occur during the toddler years. Indeed, recent studies have shown that parents influence an estimated 72% of what and how much their

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