Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Business #3 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Business 3 - Essay ExampleThe development of a satisfied working milieu as well as the awarding of bonuses on a regular basis for work well done is means of non only containing costs, but too motivating employees.The privation to be fair and consistent helps to build the trust of workers and this in such a way that it ensures that the latter(prenominal) are encouraged being more productive. Fairness also helps to build worker confidence on management and this confidence often translates to greater output. However, among the threats link to being fair and consistent is that there are times when workers might not take management seriously or might resist changes that need to be implemented.Future employees must have the necessary educational background to carry out tasks within the company. This background should be accompanied by at least five years experience because it allows for greater understanding. Finally, employees should have proven that they are skilled enough to funct ion within a business environment without making major mistakes.Hiring should involve recruiting on a full-time basis because this allows for greater access to knowledge concerning the individuals over time. Furthermore, full-time employees often work best as teams (Hyland, 2013). Finally, full-time employees often develop a sense of loyalty to the company.Potential employees can be found through advertising vacant positions. In addition, finding potential employees can be done through word of mouth. Finally, there are situations where individuals tend to look for contrasts themselves and they might land a job in the process.Diversity can be achieved through ensuring that there is some form of gender and ethnic balance within the work force (Tatli and Ozbilgin, 2009). It is also essential for management to ensure that employees are not discriminated against based on religion the latter should be treated equally. Finally, all forms of

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