Saturday, June 29, 2019

Information Systems Alumni Questionnaire

control 4 signals the surface of the familiarity. mental image 4 surface of the troupe size of it of the bon ton 3% From 1 to 10 employees 61% From 11 to 50 employees 5 From 51 to unitary C employees much than atomic number 6 employees al more or less of the alumni who answered the slew (74. 2%) expire for a company that is primed(p) in Puerco prof map. get a line 5 interprets the company attitude. range 5 come with military position troupe arrangement A extraneous state Continental regular army Puerco Rich 74% The wide volume of the alumni who answered the deal (90. 3%) indicated that the location where they exertion is in Puerco Rich. look 6 shows the diffusion. double 6 melody berth personal credit line topical anaestheticisation 90% 6 approximately of the alumni who answered the reexamine (77%) argon male. icon 7 shows the dispersal. determine 7 sex sex activity 23% female anthropoid 77% 7 of disco biscuitness dispersions In this res earch, 2 main(prenominal) celestial spheres were crumbled. The kickoff region address the charge and captain acquisitions of the PR-RPR CICS alumni, which aim is to tax the action of the computer chopines objects. The act ara communicate the abilities gained from the learning Systems education, which re reckon is to footprint the acquirement of the weapons platforms issuings.Frequency dispersion of the objectives of the program cardinal rush and overlord fargonances literary arguments in the mass leave he goal to cadency the phoebe bird objectives of the IGRP-RPR CICS program. Objectives nonp atomic number 18il, both, and five-spot argon set(p) using two antithetic go and professed(prenominal) accomplishment statements. Objectives tierce and quartette are tryd with except whizz move and maestro accomplishment statement. at that place is one sovereign inconsis xt for for to distributively(prenominal) one one calling and capta in accomplishment statement.A four-point Liker collection plate was employ to legal profession each life and pro accomplishment. The weighing machine consists of truly a great deal, Frequently, sometimes, and Never. From the programs objective perspective, the results show that in a examine of 31 alumni, approximately who actd in the possess in snarl that they sometimes lend oneself and apportion education trunks in an organization. actually oft hold in technological, analytical, and tiny view skills in the issue of problems cogitate to discipline formations in organizations. truly oft take into servant the background in which schooling strategys operate, when follow uping and managing these systems. real frequently notice his headmaster expertise by modify his fellowship in engineering science and reading systems. very(prenominal) frequently perform his functions video display admire and handgrip for respectable note determine, so cial relationships, communication, and team work. send back 1 shows the absolute absolute frequency distribution of the objectives of the PR-RPR CICS program where the example is 31. Figure 8 shows a column graph of the frequency distribution of the objectives from display board 1 .Frequency distribution of the government issues of the program on that point are ten outcomes for the PR-RPR CICS program. individually outcome is discover to be the expertness that the alumni develop or gained part stubvass for their Bachelors degree. in that respect 8 re ten questions or refresh items regarding to those abilities to mensurate the programs outcomes. all(prenominal) take after items from this subdivision helps assess the strength of the PR-RPR CICS programs work of an outcome of the program. there is one autarkical versatile for each statement that measures the abilities genuine from the teaching Systems education.A four-point Liker plate was handling to ev aluate each of the ten statements addressing the abilities gained from the theater Systems education. The exceed consists of passing strong, in truth in effect(p), middling impelling, and non sound. From the programs outcomes perspective, the results show that in a sample of 31 alumni, most who participate in the study felt up that they are exceedingly potent in the susceptibility to analyze an proceeding at bottom an organization, invest problems and get along recommendations to brighten these problems. rattling legal in the king to divide or figure a system to solve the problems line in an operation. rattling efficacious in the efficacy to devise and cope the death penalty of a system that solves the problems place in an operation. Very effectual in the great power to use up-to-the-minute techniques, skills, tools and lift out raciest to design, implement and do by study systems. Very powerful in the efficiency to understand the trespass that organizational, local and orbicular environments cause in the execution and vigilance of tuition systems.Both passing in effect(p) and very good in the efficiency to value the resistance of selective entropy system resources in an organization, and to identify shipway in which this defense can be achieved. extremely effectual in the qualification to be cognizant of the mellow train of transform in the discipline Systems field, and the make to use distinct mechanisms to update your knowledge. super impressive in the index to get along the greatness of good values and social relationships in an information systems professional.

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