Sunday, June 16, 2019

Marketing services Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Marketing services - Essay ExampleAccording to the management, the soaked has a focus on satisfying the needs of consumers, with the aim of providing comfort, sanctuary and trade protection and achieving market leadership in all parts of Switzerland. Security is an important issue, and each member is checked for a postal address. The transactions are see with an insurance charge and there is encryption of user data. Members enjoy a modern, simple and secure website. Members can avail a six-language customer service by phone during office hours, and on all days via e-mail.The management has emphasized that one of the aims of the firm is to make services affordable for all people, and the firm strives to proffer its members a high quality of services at minimal fees. Partnerships include major Swiss websites such as, and There are over 5000 interact advertisers.The management team includes Heiner Kroke as CEO, Eveline Duschletta as Head of Customer Service, Christian Kunzler as Director of Finance and Controlling, and Luke Thoma as Head of Marketing and Communications.The portal has been made for over ten years and is the largest and most popular eCommerce site in Switzerland. The site is listed at number three behind Google and Facebook in Switzerland. The success of the firm can be attributed to ease of use, optimal pricing, performance and safety. Safety lies at the heart of the site. This is in sync with the needs of 84 percent of users who place safety at the top of online shopping (, 2010).One of the services from is shops from particular areas. Shops provide over 2.5 M products continuously at a fixed price. Products can be inserted and purchased comfortably on Shop articles can be found by selecting search category and entering the search term. Well known shops have

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