Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Successful leaders not limited by limited by leadership styles Assignment

Successful leaders not limited by limited by leadership styles - Assignment ExampleSecond, there is forefinger centralization if the subordinates lack experience, knowledge or skills to make specified decisions. However, this style is becoming rare because employees are more knowledgeable than before. Finally, subordinates can be indiscipline and insensitive in making decisions, and since some decisions are so sensitive in time and value, the competent leader has to make them.Free-rein leadership style is a kind of leadership where there is complete delegation. Unlike autocratic leadership, here there is power decentralization to the subordinates. Such leadership is in operation in Google where every employee is a leader. With such leadership style, there is full utilization of subordinates as well as job satisfaction. However, it is dangerous if the employees fail to consult because sometimes their actions result into chaos.The main reasons for Google to adopt this style are first , most of the employees in Google are the best. They have all what is required for doing their jobs perfectly. Since there is confidence in the expert employees, they have, turn in style fits the organization. Second, Google employees are goal oriented and willing to assume responsibilities. Companies that advocates for accountability stand a chance in using free rein leadership. Finally, employee participation in decision-making improves their morale. Morale and job satisfaction are points of concern in Google because they believe self-motivated employees give their best.Despite the different leadership styles choose by most successful leaders, they all share some things. Successful leaders are the best decision makers. Leadership is a behavior wise(p) within time through the different encounters and experiences one comes across. Leaders who have had some experience in decision-making make the best decisions because they

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