Saturday, July 27, 2019

Should smoking be banned Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Should smoking be banned - Research Paper Example the university student smokers in this investigation as explicated by Al-Dawood reported to have started smoking between the ages of ten and fifteen (150). While this trend is continuing, it is worth noting that the negative effects of smoking are far-reaching. With regards to the extensiveness and seriousness of the effects of smoking, it is justified to allude that smoking should be banned. This paper explicates the reasons why smoking should be banned. Smoking is one of the leading causes of death according to Desapriya et-al (1158). This is in relation to second hand smoke that affects the health of individuals. In the US alone, Desapriya et-al posits that in excess of 126 million individuals are today at risk of developing health problems relating to smoking due to second hand exposure. Approximately 22 million of these are considered to be children (1158). In this viewpoint, smoking ought to be prohibited as it risks the lives of innocent children and the public as well. A large proportion of people in the world have been reported to have died as a result of second hand smoke. The incidence of these deaths are estimated to be approximately fifty thousand casualties annually in the US (1158). Prohibiting smoking especially in public places could be in line with the protection of the civil liberties of members of the public. In other words, prohibiting smoking could save the public from the harmful consequence related to second h and exposure to cigarette smoke. In the achievement of this action plan, Desapriya et-al (1158) asserts that various countries have in fact implemented strategies geared towards deterring people from smoke in public places such as workplaces and hotels. The most substantial reason that supports the prohibition of smoking is probably its effect on unborn foetuses. Smoking is considered very addictive and therefore, many female smokers face a lot of challenges in relation to relinquishing the smoking habit during pregnancy. Figures

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