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Audience profile Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Audience profile - Assignment Example The potential customer for the company has been divided into two groups, one group is males and females aged between 19 to 35 years who are single or live together with a partner (no children); the other group is young families with children, where the parents are aged between 25 to 40 years. On the basis of the findings, the following table has been created to illustrate the products and its market more clearly. Product Product Depth SKU Target Market Organic Smoothies Blackberry and Blueberry Cranberry and Red Currant Wild Strawberry and Red Cherries 750 ml cartons 200 ml plastic bottles Males and females aged 19-35, who are single or live together with a partner (no children). Young families with children, where the parents are aged 25-40 Brief Analysis The age group (19-35 years) have always been the potential target customers for fast food products. Similarly, marketers of ice-cream products such as Smoothies, target this age group. Reports also reveal that ice-cream and its rel ated products are witnessing high sales figures (Mintel, 2012). This category of product is mostly consumed by the age group 19-35 years. Those who are single or live together with their partners are likely to spend more time with their friends. They also visit restaurants or fast food outlets more than any other age group. In addition, the survey revealed that most of the respondents of this age group have a positive attitude towards the product. One of the major reasons of a positive attitude of this group towards the product is the absence of health concerns. Smoothies are products which have high calorie count and hence there are health concerns associated with this product. A large number of people belonging to this age group hardly have any concerns about health. On the other hand, a substantial number of people from the age group 25-40 years are health conscious and try to consume only those fast foods which have lesser number of calories. Apart from that people of the age gr oup 25-40 years are mostly married and thus their lifestyle is different and remains busy with their work. Hence, from the analysis it is absolutely clear that the age group of 19-35 years is more prospective than the age group 25-40 years. Therefore, it is recommended to the company that they should target people who are of the age group 19-35 years, single or live together with partners and do not have any children. Now, in this context, The Berry Powerful Smoothie Company is advised to use Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) to reach out to the customers. Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) is an approach which aims at achieving the marketing campaign objectives, by the use of well-coordinated promotional methods, which are intended to emphasize the brand’s core message. IMC approach also helps companies to reduce the overall promotional cost. The chosen target group of the company is males and females aged 19-35 (between 19 to 35 years), who are single or live t ogether with a partner (no children). Now, in-depth analysis of the chosen customer group will be carried out in the next section. On the basis of the findings from the detailed customer analysis, the IMC strategy will be recommended to the company. Audience Analysis Performa for the Audience Profile Your name: Name of the Student Registration no: - Registration Number of the Student Your chosen audience: - Males and females aged 19-35 who are single or live together with a partner and have no children. Circle one: - Individuals / Couples

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