Thursday, August 15, 2019

Kind Of A Funny Story Summary

This book is about a fifteenth old boy named Craig Gilder who is clinically depressed. Craig tells the reader all about his life, how he came to be depressed, about his friends, about his school situ talon, everything. The reader really gets to know about Craig. The reader also learns about how Craig sees psychiatrists frequently and the reader gets to listen In on those to understand Craig better. Craig Is a very smart boy who Is constantly stressed by what he calls â€Å"Tentacles†, or â€Å"e VII tasks that Invade his life.Craig tries to figure what his â€Å"Anchors† are. Or the † things that co copy his mind and make him feel good temporarily. † Identifying the Anchors helps him so sign Tentacles and focus on getting better. After Craig gets worse and worse he eventually admits himself in to Argonne Hospital after a night when he wanted to jump off the Brooklyn Bridge. In Argonne Hospital, Craig is admitted to the adult psychiatric ward because the tee nage e ward is under construction. During his stay at Argonne, he meets many people, friends, love interests, and even inspirations. To find out what happens during his stay, read on.

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