Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Little T.K. and Michele Confidential Informants Assignment

Little T.K. and Michele Confidential Informants - Assignment Example Michele on the other hand is a professional dealer as well, however she looks like a sophisticated white woman and she suits the part because no one would suspect her while she tries to siphon information. Both these selected informants have past experience in being street smart and are fully aware of the danger associated with the drug world. Also, they have had bad experiences and know how to get out of tough and sticky situations. They seem to be flexible with respect to their past and form no attachment with the people they work with. These are excellent qualities to possess as a confidential informant. They would not be suspected with ease by those that are a part of the operation and are a better option than Raul and Shasha because those two have a history of being violent in the past. They might just leash out onto the investigation and give the game away and thus Little T.K and Michele seem to be more responsible and calm with respect to handling such a tough drug operation. Both of them seem the kind that would help the police rather than make their lives more difficult with respect to gaining access to information. Since they have worked in the Hood, they are fully aware of the kind of people that they will be dealing with as well as how to lead those concerned with the operation to trust them with ease. They have dealt with drugs and have also dealt with removing themselves out of situations of trouble without having to pay for consequences. They will thus be an asset to the authorities by acting as confidential informants. The department should have a strict policy concerning these informants – they need to carefully choose people who have information regarding the investigation at hand or at least have had something to do with a similar crime in their past. They should not be people who fear their lives because of the operation that they are getting themselves into and should be strong and smart about it. The department should first sign a c ontract with them regarding the confidentiality and they should not hire someone who might give the entire game away. Also, the informants must not turn up with information that cannot be verified because the operations that need to be carried out are on a very high level dealing with high crimes and potential criminals, so it must be carried out smoothly, without anyone understanding the set up. The department needs to thus sign a contract swearing in their secrecy and also turning them in to the authorities in case they spill confidential information regarding the investigation into the wrong hands or engage in some illegal activities during the course of the operation under the name of the federal police. If the informant is paid then the police should be sure to get a receipt for the transaction for obvious reasons. The work of the informant as well as all of his details should be properly documented with the police. All the paper work should be kept in a proper place for any cr oss checking. A background check needs to be done to understand the past history of the informant and all the crimes he has ever committed, the felons that he has been charged for, as well as his nature in order to understand his behavior during the course of the operation. A written approval regarding the informant’s selection must be taken from a supervisor as he must be prodded for all the information he will provide; negotiations regarding payment as well as any other incentives such as lowering a previous charge on him for

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