Thursday, August 8, 2019

Same sex couple SHOULD BE allowed to marry Essay

Same sex couple SHOULD BE allowed to marry - Essay Example Countries like Belgium, Netherlands and Canada give legal assistance to homosexual marriage. Above all as the same sex couples love each other and ready to live together it is their right to pursue their option (Filer, 2010). Denial of same sex marriage is offensive in anyway and many supportive aspects could be found in this regard. First of all being a homosexual or lesbian does not deny a person his or her citizenship. So, all the citizens of a nation should have equal rights. There should not be a division on the basis of their gender. As the heterosexual has the freedom to marry the person whom he or she loves the person who prefers same sex should also be allowed to marry the one whom he or she likes. The constitution of a country is written for all the citizens of that country and the denial of their rights is unjust on the part of the constitution. Government should not interfere in peoples’ private affairs and the denial of marriage to a certain segment of population is clear discrimination. Marriage should take place on the basis of the love between two persons and gender is not a determining factor of one’s love. It is the fundamental right of every citizen. As love is the main f actor of married life denial of union between two loving hearts just because of same sex is cruel and barbaric. People who stand against same sex marriage say that marriage is for procreation. But that is a wrong idea as marriage primarily aims at loving and caring of two persons. More over there are a number of heterosexual couples who do not procreate. There have been attempts to portrait gay as deviants and overturn their right to marry as per their will. Most probably religious are there behind it, especially the catholic. But one should bear in mind the fact that the constitution is written not exclusively for any particular religious group and it is not a religious document (Homosexuality and

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