Thursday, September 26, 2019

Arbitration Construction between Dubai and Yemen Case Study

Arbitration Construction between Dubai and Yemen - Case Study Example In addition, the decisions reached through arbitration are taken generally as enforceable. In addition to arbitration, the road to mediation can also be pursued as a means of alternative dispute resolution but such a discussion is beyond the scope of the current issue at hand. However, it must be taken to note that the outcomes of mediation are typically non-binding on the involved disputing parties. Arbitration has traditionally been in use for the settlement of commercial disputes between parties. More specifically, the practice of arbitration has been applied to international commercial disputes since the issue of court jurisdiction is bound to arise in international commercial disputes. The general rules applicable to arbitration are often encased in the commercial contract that is created between the involved parties. Another aspect of the arbitration process is the role of the arbitrator. As opposed to mediation, the arbitrator will not have to find common ground between the disputing parties. Instead, the arbitrator is only bound by tradition to examine the presented evidence and to reach a final verdict without any requirement to find common ground. The arbitrator can and generally does provide a determination of the incurred liability and also might subscribe to the quantified damages.

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