Sunday, September 8, 2019


CRITICALLY ASSES WHY ORGANISATIONS SHOULD IMPLEMENT SUPPORTIVE CARREER MANAGEMENT PRACTICES - Essay Example good example of these changes is the nature of contracts that are available to potential employees, whereas psychological contracts were mostly the main terms of agreement between workers and their employees and involved issues only relating to the particular position they were applying for at the time, the introduction of transactional contracts that leave room for improvement should the individual progress through the ranks in the organization are now the main type of agreements found in many companies (Yehuda, 2004). It is important to note that a career can either be driven by an individual and is referred to as Individual Career Management (ICM) or the organization they are working for referred to as Organizational Career Management (OCM). ICM can be described as the act of an individual taking charge of the progress of their career through the choices and activities that they indulge in without any assistance from their employees while OCM refers to the progression of one’s career through the assistance of the company that they are currently employed at with the aim of them moving up the ranks within that particular organization (Yehuda, 2004). Job postings – This refers to the internal advertising of available positions within the organization for any interested employees. These job postings can be advertised via communal communication mediums such as notice boards within the company’s buildings. Performance appraisal for Career planning – This refers to the activity of having the quality of an individual’s work determined by their superiors in a bid to determine their chances of progressing through the ranks. This helps an employee know if they are performing well or if they need to improve on their work. Formal education – This involves the organization funding its employees’ further education so as to assist them in improving their qualifications for higher ranking positions that may be available in the future. This funding can be done

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