Sunday, September 8, 2019

DQweek1 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

DQweek1 - Essay Example If bitmap image are used, then the images will be blurred and will not be clear when they are being viewed. The advantage of using this is that the drawings will show the various boundaries between the different types of plants that are found in a botanical setting (Griep, 2005). Fingerprints are drawn by using bitmaps. This is because finger prints are not that clear. The representation of the lines and the prints on the finger are not that clear. The use of bitmaps should be differentiated so that the dots can be used to connect the various lines. It is more impressive and representative when bitmaps are used in the drawing of fingerprints. Cartoons re drawn using lines so that the outline is well defined. This will therefore use lines to connect the cartoon. Using bitmaps will not being the outline and will bring the notion that the cartoon is a picture of something and not a drawing. A satellite image is represented using bitmaps. This is because it is an image. The image brings out the notion of a picture. In this case, we are representing a picture which is an image of a satellite. We are not representing a daring in this case. We are representing an image which should be represented using bitmaps to bring out the image and the notion of a picture. A photograph is not drawn. There are dots which are located in the photograph. There is no line outline that is used in online of the [photograph. The clarity of the photographs will depend on the clarity and the make/model of the device which has been used to take the photograph. The advantage of this is that if the dots are distributed, then the image will not be that clear. It will be hard to get the details and decipher the meaning from the image that has been shown. There are various differing formats of graphics. The graphic is converted or retained in a certain format because they serve the purpose better in that format that the user does want. There are various

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