Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Gender Influences Entry into Entrepreneurship Essay

Gender Influences Entry into Entrepreneurship - Essay Example The paper tells that since ages various strategies are being adopted in order to rectify the inequality existing among the genders In this regard, it has been further acknowledged that women are essentially considered as the key source pertaining to ideas, innovations, and abilities among others. However, it has been determined that the scholars of entrepreneurship endure limited understanding with respect to the underlying factors along with the relevant decisions being made. In fact in the recent discussions, it is ascertained that leadership associated with the entrepreneurship reflects the characteristics of a gender. With the advent of modernization, the world has faced numerous challenges. The entire global economy has undergone major changes after the year 2008. The financial crisis, which the world faced during this period, has accelerated the interests of the people associated with entrepreneurship. In keeping with theories associated with entrepreneurship, it does not refle ct any kind of universal explanation. Nevertheless, entrepreneurship includes diversified approaches in order to describe the behavior of an entrepreneur. Sociology, psychology, economics and regional science among others are few approaches associated with entrepreneurship. Apart from these, the other theories associated with entrepreneurship have been discussed as innovation theory, motivational theory based on the achievement and the acquired needs theory. The basic characteristic of the economic theory includes the presence of favorable economies. It has been discussed that economic along with entrepreneurship growth is analyzed under the economic theory. Correspondingly, economic incentive acts as one of the key motivators related to the entrepreneurial activities. In this regard, it has been further determined that the economic incentives mainly incorporate taxation policy, raw material and industrial policy among others.

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