Thursday, September 12, 2019

Is Modern Fashion Enslaving or Liberating Dissertation

Is Modern Fashion Enslaving or Liberating - Dissertation Example The paper tells that culture has played a significant role in the creation of fashion across the ages in all parts of the world. Whether it is Victorian body-deforming corsets, Chinese foot-binding, tribal teeth sharpening or neck lengthening or modern leg-breaking stilettos, all these are usually very strongly related to culture but in most cases are accompanied by enormous pain all in the name of fashion or, even more, in the name of beauty. Women suffer from pain, discomfort and health problems to feel beautiful, appreciated or fashionable. In this regard, it has been right said by Jane Ussher that ‘Beauty is a cruel mistress’, despite the fact that a great deal of sacrifice is required to appear fashionable. The world has been characterized with the passing of fashion trends from mother to daughter, sister to sister or friend to friend. It is also evident that all the negative outcomes and side effects of pursuing beauty and fashion present only one side of the great dispute on whether fashion is for women or against them. Fashions are also introduced through campaigns by fashion houses in order to publicize fashion and to make people dependent on it. Publicity and media campaigns directly address people’s aspirations by associating fashion products and apparel with celebrities through fashion programs, advertising campaigns and sponsored programs. In average, there have been icons and celebrities and people look up to them in emulating them. Fashion is introduced through them and wearing trendy and fashionable clothing has always been the hip thing at any given time in any given age. Modern people feel disassociated with the world if they do not display the same involvement with fashion as others are doing, especially in a competitive world where everything matters that can give an edge over others. Models walking along the catwalk showcase new designs and fashions that are adopted by fashion houses for mass production to be consumed by the masses in meeting with the latest fashion trends. It can be said that the world too is just like a fashion show whereby fashion refers to prevailing styles, uses and customs in the larger perspective. In fact, the fashion sector is enslaved in being required to provide people with the latest designs and trends, which in turn lead to people being enslaved because they have to meet up with the competition to look trendy, fashionable and smart. Enslavement in this context implies that people are literally forced to adopt what appears to be in fashion. Chinese culture is characteristic of encouraging young girls to have

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