Monday, September 9, 2019

Media Business Plan Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 5000 words

Media Business Plan - Assignment Example This firm shall be established as per the provisions of Partnership Act 1890 and operating in the capacity of a subsidiary of BPM UK Private Limited but shall be operating independent of JUNCTURE PRODUCTIONS. The name "BLANK PAGE MEDIA UK PRIVATE LIMITED" has been assessed and found to compliant to the regulations by Company Names (GBF2) version 20 (as per enactment and subsequent modifications by the Companies Act 2006 and as per the terms stated in version 20 of GBF2 and version 17 of GBF3). However, the feasibility of using this name shall be verified by a reputed independent consultant to assess and report any possible claim of this name as a brand or intellectual property that may cause possible breach of laws (example, Law of Intellectual Property, Law of Confidentiality or any such equivalent law that may expose the organization to risks of local or global litigation) if we use this name for our company. The other two names are being used in the form of partnership firms. These names need not be matched with the existing list of companies as they are going to be established in the capacity of Partnership firms; however the external consultant would be requested to verify if these names do not breach anyone's intellectual property rights or confidentiality rights (and also are in compliance with the rules stated in version 17 of GBF3). [Department for Business Enterprise and Regulatory Reform (BERR). 2008] The following section presents the proposed Management structure of the three companies: MANAGEMENT AND ORGANIZATION STRUCTURE BPM UK Private Limited shall have two members in the management - David Beckford and Shavan Sharif. Both the members shall be entitled for 40% shares each in the company whereby 20% shares shall be reserved for providing share options to employees in future. The organization structure of this company is presented in Figure 1. David Beckford and Shavan Sharif would form the board in the capacity of Directors. In addition, a company secretary and legal advisor shall be involved in the board on a part time basis. The financial auditors shall be kept out of the board due to conflict of interest aspect of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). Figure 1: Organization Chart of BPM UK Private Limited The following four documents shall be prepared in accordance with the regulations of Company Formation (GBF1) version 22 (as per enactment and subsequent modifications by the Companies Act 2006 and as per the terms stated in version 22 of GBF1), reviewed by a hired Attorney and presented to Companies House: (a) Memorandum of Association (b) Articles of Association (c) Completed Form 10 (d) Completed Form 12 Post formation of the company, the organization shall be established as presented in Fig

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