Friday, September 27, 2019

Teaching and Learning Strategies Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3750 words

Teaching and Learning Strategies - Essay Example Minority ethnic pupils are admitted more frequently than the past. In interviews with children from different minority ethnic groups there were some principal findings, the most important features of their self characterisation stemmed from their families. Most parents teach their children about their ethnic culture, home language and religion, making them to contact with the net work of the relatives or friends from the same ethnic background. Another factor that is influencing how they their ethnic identity is how they are perceived and treated outside home. Two thirds of the children had some exposure to community language within their household; regular attendance posed considerable challenges to the children who were at a distance from the centre of religious life, a number of alternative individual and private arrangements were made by the parents. Mixed heritage children formed a significant group among the minority ethnic groups; it was the common belief of many parents that this heritage posed additional problems of their child's development of the clear sense of identity. Sometimes there is a chance that these mixed heritage children are not accepted into the community and the teachers are rarely aware about this fact, moreover the uncertainty in dealing with the minority ethnic groups particularly with reference to the heritage group is acute. The majority of the children who had been at their school for a significant time were well integrated socially and enjoyed the same pattern of friendship with their peer group. Very few were harassed physically in the racist incidents, and the verbal abuse or hurtful calling in the school or during the school journey is

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