Saturday, October 19, 2019

A real world example of how science has been misused and report on the Essay

A real world example of how science has been misused and report on the subject - Essay Example e modern information technologies, which are obviously the by products of the growth of science, are very effectively employed by governmental agencies and the international bodies of administration. But, it is alarming to note that information technology devices are so effectively used by terrorists and criminals as well all over the world, which obviously is a serious misuse of science and its development. Two major areas where science has made drastic changes are in the fields of nanotechnology and information technology and there is no doubt that these are two areas where its misuse takes dominant forms. Between the two, scientific develops in nanotechnology assumes greater significance as many of the scientific inventions that led to the making of atom bombs, nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction has posed great threat to international peace and security. My attempt in this short essay is to deal with the misuse of science with regard to nanotechnology. Nano-science and Nano-engineering form the basis for nanotechnology. Nano-technology applies to many fields and its misuse can turn human life into misery. Developments in nanotechnology have given rise to the formation of new atomic and nuclear weapons. When Albert Einstein developed the theory of mass-energy equivalence, E=MC2; no one thought that it would pave the way for a nuclear age. But the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki by the United states during the second world war (August 1945) was a shock to the international community and from then onwards we do find an international competition among world nations to be nuclear powers, and many have attained nuclear power so far. The great amount of funding spent on nanotechnology and related fields (very often in the name of national defense) by world nations is quite shocking. A research conducted by US nanotechnology consultancy revealed that â€Å"the total spending on nanotechnology R&D worldwide exceeded $8.6 billion in 2004. US

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