Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Benefits of TV media Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Benefits of TV media - Essay Example Learning about different cultures is very important in the present age because today we live in a multicultural society. We have to frequently interact with people from different parts of the world both in the workplace and otherwise. TV helps a lot in promoting our relations with people from other cultures by making us aware of their norms, values and traditions. In the present age, when all of us are extremely busy and do not often get much time to spend with our family members, shared viewing of TV programs provides us with one big opportunity to be together. This strengthens the bond between family members and inculcates a sense of unity in the family members. TV programs promote learning by enabling children to see what they read about in their books. Without a visual image of the subject in mind, children are not able to develop the concepts as objectively as they do when they know what the subjects of discussion in the book look like. For example, Harry Potter series has been included in the English literature curriculum in a lot of elementary schools worldwide. Children are better able to learn the story when they can relate the incidents to individual characters they see in the Harry Potter movies. What authors take pages to explain is conveyed to the audience in one image. There is a lot of difference between imagining what quidditch looks like and actually view it being played in the movie. A vast majority of TV shows and dramas revolve around a central message that is of huge moral significance. Many people do not follow the advice of their elders because they do not realize how important it is, but when they see how their actions and words can impact others’ as well as their own lives, they tend to learn the lesson for good. TV shows and dramas not only create awareness, but also provide people with useful advice that benefits them in practical life when they act upon it. There has recently been a lot of debate about whether or not to offer sex education in public schools. This and several other topics like sex education are very controversial and are often not discussed with children. The resulting lack of awareness has its own consequences. TV programs are playing a fundamental role in doing their bit to make people aware of the sensitivity of these issues. Many people would not have been of the view to have their children provided with sex education in school had they not seen TV programs to convince them for the same. In addition to this, TV programs themselves are a very strong means of education for people regarding all sorts of controversial topics. In the contemporary age, people have a greater understanding of local and international political issues. The fundamental reason behind this is the TV news and talk shows. These days, one can see talk shows on a daily basis on the TV. Everyday, these talk shows are prepared for totally new and innovative topics. Most of the times, they discuss most recent issues of n ational or international political significance. Thus, people are able to not only know what is happening in their country and across the globe, but also they can critically analyze these events and happenings by listening to the commentary and criticism of the anchors and experts. Concluding, TV is an extremely important source of education, entertainment and rapport building in the present age. Modern age is characterized by increased awareness and TV happens to be the fundamental promoter of the same. Parents can draw optimum

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