Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Recording and Analysing Information in HR Research Paper

Recording and Analysing Information in HR - Research Paper Example â€Å"HR information must include the educational history (degrees awarded), educational experiences (completion), past job experiences (post, position, and technical) or certifications and licenses† (Seta et al, 2005, p.391). The authors add that the assessors identify also has to be recorded by referring to facts and investigation strategies. Hence, it is clear that handling HR information is a highly complex process. The recording is the primary phase of HR management and this phase determines the level of efficiency of the whole system. Management theories strongly recommend that an organization must possess right employee volume so as to achieve maximum productivity levels and minimize wastage of resources. It is obvious that a firm cannot determine the potential employee volume unless it does not have deep employee information. As Becker and Gerhart (1996) point out, HR information also assists organizations to take decisions regarding recruitment, selection, training, promotion, and dismissal timely and properly. Effective recording of HR information is also necessary to perform applicant tracking, the process of mapping the entire recruiting activities of an organization. In addition to administrative benefits, the HR data aid an organization to effectively deal with labor relations planning and succession planning. Employment details and absence records are the two types organizations data collected within an organization. Both these sets of data are essential for a firm to ensure improved human resource management and thereby profitability. Employment details of a worker are necessary for an organization to evaluate his potential. Many organizations provide additional facilities to its employees including loans and other financial assistance. Majority of the firms allow such benefits to employees on the basis of their employment details.  

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