Sunday, October 6, 2019

The Role of the Judge in Integrity and Ethics Assignment

The Role of the Judge in Integrity and Ethics - Assignment Example One, the judge has to have an element of compliance with the law. As one of the most senior persons in the criminal justice system, the judge has to set an example of how the accused has to abide by the law by observing the law to the best extent possible. A judge who does not abide by the law in his responsibilities and other personal duties defeats the essence of his/her profession and has no merit being in the justice system to try those accused of breaking the law. Secondly, the judge has to avoid conflict of interest to the best extent possible as one of the best integrity principles. Some judges may have law firms with attorneys that represent accused persons in the court. In such circumstances, a judge would fail the integrity test by hearing a case with one of the attorneys as the partner in such law firms as the judge may be tempted to be biased towards the attorney with whom they have previously shared a law firm. Integrity tests require such a judge withdraw from such a ca se to be heard before a different neutral judge. The third element of integrity is personal responsibility. Every judge has to take it upon him/herself to ensure justice to all parties without compromise (Prenzler, 2009). This is an integrity test that a credible judge has to reflect in all his or her ruling. The public is entitled to have complete trust, respect for the integrity of criminal justice system as well as have confidence in their operations that are done professionally. As such, professions within the criminal justice system have to maintain and jealously guard such public confidence considering that justice is one of the major pillars of any constitution. All criminal justice professionals have to adhere to the highest standards possible without allowing any gaps that may lead the public to doubt such officials to guard such public confidence. Therefore, the role of integrity and ethics in the criminal justice profession is to ensure the public develops and maintains the highest degree of confidence in the institutions and to protect the rights and liberties as spelt out under the constitution to the best way possible.  Ã‚  

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